CESSNA – 152

The Cessna 152 is an all metal, two seat, high wing, single engine airplane.

It is not designed for purely aerobatic flight, though some maneuvers are permitted as per the aircraft’s POH. The aircraft is certified for day and night flights.

The aircraft is powered by a four cylinder, horizontally opposed, normally aspirated, direct drive, air-cooled, carburetor equipped engine. The engine is a LycomingO-235-L2C,rated 110 hp.

After the Cessna 172, the C-150/152 series was the second-best-selling Cessna aircraft.

The Cessna 152 leaves complexity behind. You needn’t worry about the best manifold and rpm settings, the temperature of the nonexistent turbocharger, procedures for failure of retractable gear, or whether you will even get to your destination on time. Of course you won’t. But you’ll arrive smiling, it is so enjoyable to fly.

If success can be measured by the number of pilots trained, the 150/152 is successful to the tune of 250,000. That’s how many pilots have learned to fly in this airplane, and many more will.