The EASA En route IR (EIR) allows holders to fly as pilot-in-command in IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions) inside controlled airspace. This provides holders the freedom to take-off in good weather, fly across the Europe in controlled airspace with commercial traffic and arrive at their destination safely, in good weather. This program is for PPL or CPL holders.

Flight starts under VFR at departure airport, which is sometimes only available option from some airports. Then pilot transit to IFR flight at appropriate point and the flight continues under IFR towards the destination. Advantage is not opportunity to fly in bad meteorological conditions, but particularly comfortable en-route flight which is published (safe altitude and separation from other traffic is guaranteed by ATC). Pilot transit to VFR flight again approaching the destination and the approach and landing are under VFR.

Flying VFR Cross Country route, means problems with restricted and prohibited areas, controlled regions and other restrictions. All of these problems disappear if you fly via IFR routes, flight is via planned points, alternatively via short cut, under constant support of ATC, relaxing to the pilot.

EIR is particularly suitable for the pilots who want to travel comfortably. It is concurrently first step to later obtain the full IR qualification.


  1. Minimum age of applicants for an IR/SE(A) shall be at least 17 years of age for PPL holder or at least 18 years of age for CPL and ATPL holder;
  2. The applicant for an EIR(A) shall hold a valid medical class 1 or class 2;
  3. Applicants for an EIR(A) shall hold a PPL(A) or a CPL(A) and have completed at least 20 hours of cross-country flight time as PIC;
  4. The applicant for an EIR(A) shall have a English language proficiency test of at least level 4.


The course consists of theoretical and practical training.

Theoretical training:

The theoretical modular EIR course comprises of 80 hours of knowledge instruction.

An applicant having passed the theoretical knowledge examination for an airline transport pilot licence ATPL or IR(A) shall be credited with the theoretical knowledge requirements for the EIR(A).

Flight training:

A single-engine EIR course shall comprise at least 15 hours instrument time under instruction on Cessna 172.

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