Renewal of the flight instructor FI A) certificate applies where the flight instructor – FI(A) certificate is not valid anymore – thus is expired.

Procedure for renewal of the flight instructor – FI(A) certificate is in the competence of the ATO, which advises applicants with further action under the provisions of FCL.940.FI(c) Part-FCL.

For the renewal of the flight instructor – FI(A) certificate the applicant, who was previously a holder of EASA flight instructor – FI(A) certificate shall fulfill following requirements:

  • refresher seminar for instructors provided by the ATO;
  • instructor assessment of competence in accordance with Article FCL.935 with the flight instructor examiner FIE(A).

After successful completion of the assessment of competence of the flight instructor, the flight instructor – FI(A) certificate will be renewed for the next 36 months period.

The refresher seminar will run 2 days, and attendance from participants will be required for the whole duration of the seminar.

Assessment of competence of the flight instructor – FI(A) shall be done on the one of the following airplanes: Cessna-152 or Cessna-172.