In Europe night flying is not a standard part of the PPL(A) syllabus and, PPL pilots are not permitted to fly in the hours of darkness without adding the NVFR(A) rating to licence. Night is classified as starting 30 minutes after sunset, and 30 minutes prior to sunrise. Flying inside these hours, when it is dark, is not permitted by EASA PPL(A) holders who have not obtained a NVFR(A) rating.

 Flying at night is an amazing experience. Obtaining a NVFR(A) rating removes one of the most common barriers for VFR pilots, and gives you the flexibility to fly longer and further, particularly in the winter months.

Obtaining the rating is not particularly expensive, and is often a natural progression for many pilots after obtaining their PPL.

Night Rating is requirement for Instrument rating IR(A).


 A valid PPL(A) licence and a valid Class 2 Medical is required.


Theoretical training:

4 hours of theoretical training.

Flight training:

5 hours of flight training with an aircraft Cessna 152 or Cessna 172 at night includes 1 hour of night navigation dual flight instruction, and 5 solo full stop landings.

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