Piper PA-34 Seneca

Piper PA-34 Seneca is a low-wing, six-seat aircraft equipped with retractable gear and two Lycoming  IO-360 engines. It is one of the few remaining piston multi engine aircraft still in production today.

The Seneca is mostly used for training and small charter operations and as business commuters. Passengers will be able to easily enter the aircraft through a big, low barn door (also makes loading cargo easier). Once inside they’ll be very comfortable in the soft leather seats, arranged in a club configuration with the middle row facing aft and plenty of space in the middle for legroom.

Over 5,000 Senecas have been produced in over 40 years of production, and they are still rolling off the line today. It’s a true testament to the design that this aircraft has survived a giant change in the aviation industry where most manufacturers are abandoning piston twins and opting for turbine singles.