The Commercial Pilot License – the first step towards aviation jobs.

As a Commercial Pilot – you will be allowed to start a professional career in corporate aviation, airline or as a pilot executing multiple other aviation jobs.

Whether you dream to start your training towards a professional career, the Commercial Pilot Course is your first step into the commercial aviation world. 

You can advance your training adding MEP(A) rating, Night VFR rating or the Instrument Rating (IR) to allow you to fly in advanced planes or even in bad weather. 


Before commencing the flight training the applicant for an CPL(A) shall:

  1. Hold a valid medical Class 1 medical certificate;
  2. Be the holder of a PPL(A) license;
  3. Must have a adequate English language proficiency for flight training;
  4. Have completed 150 hours flight time;
  5. Have complied with the prerequisites for the issue of a class or type rating for multi-engine aeroplanes in accordance with PART-FCL, Subpart H, if a multi-engine aeroplane is to be used on the skill test.

The minimum age for CPL(A) issue is 18 years.


The course consists of theoretical and practical training.

Theoretical training:

CPL(A) or ATPL(A) theoretical training.

Flight training:

A CPL(A) course shall comprise visual and instrument flight training (if applicable).

The flight training shall comprise a total of at least 25 hours for the applicants without an instrument rating including 10 hours of instrument instruction.

For the applicants with a valid instrument rating or holder of Basic Instrument Flight Module Certificate shall be given at least 15 hours dual visual flight instruction.

Applicants without a night rating airplane shall be given additionally at least 5 hours night flight instruction, comprising 3 hours of dual instruction, which shall include at least 1 hour of cross- country navigation and 5 solo take-offs and 5 solo full stop landings.

At least 5 hours of the flight instruction shall be carried out in an airplane certificated for the carriage of at least 4 persons and have a variable pitch propeller and retractable landing gear.

Training is conducted on single-engine aircrafts Cessna 150/152, Cessna 172 and PA-34-200T.

Practical training is mainly conducted from our airport in Bratina, Pisarovina.


At the time of practical examination: Applicants for an CPL(A) must have passed all theory exams.
Practical part: Skill test.

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