The renewal procedure of the single-engine piston airplanes SEP(land) class rating has to be done in case, when the class rating SEP(land) is expired (out of date).

The renewal procedure for EASA single engine piston – SEP(land) class rating has to be done by the cooperation with theATO (Approved Training Organization), which asses the applicant further training in accordance with the Regulation (EC) 1178/2011, Part FCL, paragraph FCL.740(b)(1):

The single-engine piston – SEP(land) class rating renewal procedure is prescribed by the AMC1 FCL.740(b)(1) to the Part FCL which states, that the ATO estabilish the renewal flight training based on the following criteria:

  • previous experience of the applicant
  • complexity of the variant of the aircrafton which the flight training and flight examination will be provided on
  • the time elapsed– time since the single-engine piston – SEP(land) class rating is expired.

The duration of the flight training prescribed by flight school required to achieve the required level of the aviation proficiency depends on how long is the EASA single engine piston – SEP(land) class rating expired.

Duration of the renewal flight training should be the longer, the more time has elapsed since the SEP(land) class rating is expired.

In some cases, if the single engine piston – SEP(land) class rating is expired for a short period of time (less than 3 months), the ATO might decide not to asses the pilot with the renewal flight training.

ATO shall develop an individual flight training program for the applicant based on the scope of flight training required for the initial issue of the SEP(land) class ratingFlight training will focus on aspects that ATO considers appropriate for the candidate.

After successful completion of the prescribed renewal flight training, the ATO shall issue a certificate of completion of the flight training.

Upon satisfactory completion of renewal flight training, the applicant is recommended for the renewal EASA license proficiency check (LPC) with an flight examiner.

After passing the renewal EASA license proficiency check (LPC), the single engine piston – SEP(land) class rating is renewed and endorsed by the flight examiner for a further 24 months (2 years).

We are providing the renewal flight training for single-engine piston aeroplanes – SEP(land) on the Cessna 152 and Cessna 172N aircrafts.